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    August 1st, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    The wedding between David and Victoria will remain the talk of town for very long time and so did the beach wedding favors. David and Victoria became man and wife on the July 4, 1999 at Luttrell castle Dublin. The wedding was attended by close friends and family, which was held in a private room of the castle decorated with rose petals and silver birch trees.

    Beckham the Super Hero

    David Robert Joseph Beckham was born to the family of David Edward Alan (Kitten Fitter) and Sandra Georgina (a hairdresser) in 1975.  He was found of playing football right from his childhood. He was a student of Chase Lane Primary School and Chingford Foundation School. David Beckham can be said to be one of the most successful sport man in Britain whose name is a global brand. He captained the English from 2001 to 2007, scored in 3 different World Cups. He once played club football for Manchester in England, Madrid in before to moving to the US. He was He also received an award of OBE in the 2003 at the Queen’s Birthday for his services to Football. He became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2005.

    What about Victoria?

    Victoria is the second child of the three children born to Jacqueline and Anthony Adam. She was born at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex. Victoria’s father was an Engineer work as an electronics engineer with the government. She attended St. Mary’s High School in Cheshunt. Victoria was a member of the all-female group, the Spice Girls. She was admitted to Jason Theatre School at age 17. She attended Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom where she studied dance and modeling. She later became a member Persuasion band and also wanted edible wedding favors at the wedding.

    The Weeding itself

    Beckham first met Victoria at a charity football match. H e made a request to meet her. They revealed their engagements in 1999 and was dubbed “Posh and Becks” by the media. The Wedding finally took place on 4 July 1999. The Wedding was preceded by the Bishop Cork, Paul Colton, at Luttrellstowe Castle, Ireland. The wedding attracted much media coverage. Gary Neville who was a David teammate was the best man. Brooklyn who was three month old was the ring bearer. Caroline was wearing a diamond coronet created for her by Slim Barrett along with wedding favors accompanied. A total of 437 staff was employed for the wedding reception, which was estimated to have cost £500,000 ($823,650).


    Victoria and David Beckham have three children namely: Joseph Brooklyn Beckham who was born in 1999 in London, Beckham Romeo: born in 2001 in London and David Cruz Beckham who was born in 2006 in Spain. The couple is expecting their fourth.

    Here is an awesome compilation of the legendary player!

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    July 29th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    How they met

    Although the situation surrounding how they met is unknown it is believed that Tom made a statement of his intent to start dating her when he hosted her to a date on his private jet for a sushi dinner. Following this, he was said to have proposed engagement to her while in Paris atop the Eiffel Tower on a dinner date with place card holders. It was during this date in Paris he presented her with a large diamond ring for an engagement.

    Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise whose full names are Thomas Cruise IV was born on July 3, 1961 in New York. While growing up Tom spent a year at the age of 14 a catholic seminary. Prior to marrying Katie, Tom had been married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman in a beautiful garden with garden wedding favors but the marriages ended up in divorce.

    Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes whose full names are Katherine Holmes was born on December 19, 1979 in Ohio. Katie attended college in Notre dame Academy, in Ohio before proceeding to attend a photography class at the Colombia University in the summer of 2000. Katie was a Catholic by upbringing but later studied scientology which she claimed was of interest to her and not influenced upon her by her husband. It is on record that Katie was engaged to Chris Klein before breaking away to marry Tom.

    Wedding day blues

    The official marriage of the couple was classified and it is assumed to have taken place two weeks prior to the ceremonial event in Italy. Their home is suspected to have being the venue and the only known witnesses to the event were Kelly Preston, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. The ceremonial wedding which took place in a classic environment – the 15th century Castle in Italy was to have cost $50, 000 as rental fee but it was waived for them. The wedding was so lavishly planned that the entire guest to the wedding had their dresses designed by the famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The wedding guest totalling about 150 in number were comprised of famous actors, actresses, sports personalities and much more. The snag about Tom’s wedding was that he had been divorced twice before so he could not be wedded by the Catholic Church. He rather decided to opt for a scientology wedding reception which permits him to be married but this type of wedding is not recognised in Italy.

    Growing up together

    The couple have since given birth to a kid but Katie wishes she could have more kids and the more baby shower favors couldn’t hurt. In addition to this kid of theirs, Tom went ahead to adopt two children with Nicole Kidman.  Although there is a 15 years age gap between both couples they are happily married to date. Tom is in control of his marriage as deduced from the fact that he suggested and instructed Katie on the choice of a wedding dress and shedding her weight for the occasion. However, time will tell if she would be will to grow old with him or go the way of every other unfortunate celeb marriage.

    Here’s a cute little video with the couple, “Put Your Arms Around Me”

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    July 28th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, both entertainers met in 1996 in a tour tagged Spontaneous Combustion in which Faith performed in the opening act. Theirs was more like love in the movies. Tim had proposed to Faith before one of the tour performances and he had no time to even get her response. Faith however responded by writing on a mirror. Things happened really fast between them and they got married and even purchased wedding favors immediately after the tour ended.

    Who is Tim McGraw?

    Tim McGraw also known as Samuel Timothy Smith was born in Delhi, Louisiana on May 1, 1967. Tim is a singer, an actor, a musician and a producer. He enjoys camping.

    Who is Faith Hill?

    Faith Hill, also known as Audrey Faith Perry, was born in Mississippi on September 21, 1967. Faith is an actress, a singer and a musician. She enjoys decorating as well as collecting frames of pictures.

    Wedding Between Tim Mcgraw And Faith Hill

    Faith and Tim got married on October 6, 1996. The wedding took place in Rayville, Louisiana and the ceremony was far from conventional. It was a short wedding after which a reception was held in the home of one of Tim’s aunts. Faith wore a designer wedding gown but wore no shoes.

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three children, all girls. They are Gracie Katherine McGraw who was born in 1997, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw who was born in 1998 Audrey Caroline McGraw who was born in 2001.

    The family is a closely knit one where they strive to spend quality time together as often as possible. They have a family tradition of not staying apart for more than 3 days in a row, a tradition they are determined to keep. They live in William County, near Nashville, in Tennessee.

    The couple has managed to stay together as a family with Faith having to take a break from touring with Tim so as to give quality time to raise their children. She last went on tour with her husband Tim in the year 2000 when they both performed in the Soul2Soul tour. The Soul2Soul II tour was their third tour together as a couple.

    Tim is happy being married to Faith. He cherishes the love faith has for him and couldn’t have wished for anyone better as a wife and companion. He claims and believes that he draws strength and life from his wife Faith. He is happy and fulfilled being married to her.

    Early in their marriage, he enjoyed having their first baby Gracie, sleep with them on the bed. His favorite times of the night were times he spent watching Faith and Gracie asleep on the bed. He enjoyed looking at them for long hours and then getting up to check on Gracie.

    Faith says that her marriage to Tim is the most important thing to have happened to them. They respect what they have and they are committed to making it grow. She is equally happy and fulfilled being in marriage with Tim.

    Here is their famous song, “I Need You” performed together!

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    July 27th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    The two Caleb were together champions on the tennis court Multiple times. In 1999,together they won the French Open and took part in the traditional champion dance. This was when they started dating. They got married on October 22 of 2001.Details below.

    Andre Kirk Agassi

    Andre Kirk Agassi was born on 29th April 1970. He is 41 years at present. He has born in LAS Vegas,Nv. He is pretty tall 5inch 11(1.8M) An quick overview of Andre Agassi Foundation For Education. Andre has a school in Las vegas.The aim of establishing the school is to bring transformation in public education in the United States .He also aim to influence state and national policy through the school. From the day one of his starting the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education in 1994, he has been able to raise through the foundation $150 million dollars to the interest of the Foundation together with $92 million he got from the Grand Slam of   fundraising event for children. He believes in children and gives them the hope that comes with education. His education foundation recommends state legislation and advocates nationwide for policies that will improve public education. He works to bring transformation into education and create opportunities to empower and impact on young people positively”

    Stefanie Maria Graf

    This famous caleb was born on the 14th of June, 1969.She is 42years old and 1 year older than than the husband,Andre.She was born in Mannheim,Germany and is a little bit smaller in height than the husband.She is 5’9(1.75m).She is very much involved in the game of tennis.

    The marriage of the Couples

    The marriage between the couples were a very simple one with only the couple’s mothers being the witness to the wedding.They have two Children together.Their son by name Jaden Gil was premature when he was born a couple days after they got married.They gave him the name after his father’s long trainer,Gil Reyes.They also have a daughter by name Jaz Elle.She was born in the year 2003 on the month of October.At present the couple are living in Las Vegas and who knows if they still have a few wedding favors left over!

    The life after wedding

    Andre Agassi is now retired from the game of tennis, but not from the work force as he made known his goal at the age of   41, together with with a Los Angeles-based investment firm, to fund the construction of up to 75 charter schools in the United within some years to come.

    Agassi a charter school in Las Vegas which was opened in 2001, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, but now he plans to it to reach the backing of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors. “The reason according to him is to have access to traditional for-profit capital to bridge the gap for those who operate it and knows how to educate children .His collection of Grand Slam singles titles and of the French Open in 1999 happened the same year that the wife Steffi Graf won her sixth and final singles title in Paris.

    Here are the couple on Inside Sport BBC, a very cool 3-part series!

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    July 26th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    They went easy on each other for a couple of years, and when they thought things were sure, they decided to tie the knot. However, a great storm lay ahead of them, and soon the boat came crashing. Get more information on Sandra bullock’s and Jesse James’ nuptial adventures:

    Some people say that the period between the divorce and Jesse James’s engagement was cruelly too short. When he announced his engagement to Kat Von D. he said that the year 2010 was a great year, because that was when he fell in love with his best friend.

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James got divorced in Texas due to conflict of personalities in the year 2010.

    Personal Info: Jesse James

    Born Jesse Gregory James in 1969, this celeb grew up in California. He has ties with the outlaw Jesse James: his great grandfather and the outlaw were cousins.

    On the 31st of March 2010, before the divorce with Sandra Bullock, he went into a treatment facility to ‘deal with his personal issues’.

    Sandra Bullock

    Her full name is Sandra Annette Bullock. She was actually born on the 26th of July in Arlington Virginia, USA.  She was always known as an outgoing person and a friend of all. According to her, her live has been filled with fond memories of her growing hope days that were never too rosy. She filed for divorce on the 28th of April, 2011.

    Events leading up to their wedding and separation:

    They first met in Long beach, where there was a shooting for “Monster Garage’. Here, Sandra Bullock was taking her 10-year old godson on a tour. As at the time of their wedding, Sandra Bullock was forty years old, and Jesse James was thirty five.

    They eventually got married on the 16th of July, 2005 in the evening. The wedding took place in the folded Hills Ranch in Gaviota in the Santa Ynez valley. They arrived at the venue of their wedding in a red monster truck.

    Her late mother singing “Casta Diva” was the song for the wedding procession on that day. The design of her white lace wedding dress was done by Angel Sanchez. She had on a vintage French wedding ring that was gotten from the jeweler Neil Lane. Sandra made Jesse’s wedding ring from stainless steel. Sandra’s wedding wring was platinum that carried two intertwining diamonds.

    The music that played at the reception was pure country. Tony Okungbowa was the DJ for the day. Sandra’s sister was in charge of the wedding cake. Cousin Lover’s music piped through the speakers and the guests also danced to it.

    There were a couple of guests and the dress code was simple: casual. Nearly all the guests didn’t know they were invited to a wedding. This was because they were made to believe that were invited to celebrate Sandra’s 41st year birthday. They gathered at a ranch using a couple of buses.

    Final notes

    Before getting married to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James had had two previous marriages. The first was to Carla James, who he divorced, and the other to Janine Marie Lindemulder. He also divorced her in 2004.

    Sandra Bullock had had no previous marriages, although she dated Guy Forsythe (a blues guitarist), Matthew McConaughey (an actor) and Ryan Gosling (also an actor). She was once engaged to Tate Donovan (1994).

    Unfortunately he got caught cheating on his wife Sandra, here is a video where he talks about his personal issues:

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    July 25th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    This couple got married in what is now regarded as one of the most attended a list wedding in Australian. They flew all the way to Australia to get married. Read on to find out how they met, how they got engaged and their marriage details.

    He needs no introduction: Keith Urban

    In 2006, Keith Urban went into rehab for drug abuse. He said he went into rehab because he deeply regretted the hurt he had caused the people who loved him –i.e. Nicole Kidman.

    Keith Lionel Urbahn, also called Keith Urban was born in October 26th 1867 in New Zealand. He was however raised in Queensland, Australia.

    Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman was born on the 20th of June, 1967, Hawaii. She was also raised in Sydney, Australia. As a young girl she was known to be very out spoken and a great dancer in school. She was never shy to be heard and was crowd favorite even as a college student. This of course gave her the platform to become what we all know today.

    Events leading up to their wedding

    They first came in contact in the year 2005 during an awards dinner. This dinner was held by the government of Australia, in the honor of Australians that had done their country proud. The dinner was held in Los Angeles.

    They made their first appearance together in public in 2006, February. This was right at the Grammy. By November 2005, people had already seen Nicole Kidman sporting an expensive engagement ring. However, Keith urban did not announce his engagement to Nicole until the 13th of May, 2006.

    Their residences include the following:

    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have a mansion in Nashville, specifically in the Green Hill neighborhood.

    They also have a waterfront home in Sydney, Darling Point, Australia.

    They also have a yacht worth $3.8 million.

    Nicole describes having to live in Nashville as the best timing she ever experienced. As she tells it, she was virtually living out of her suitcase when she first met Keith Urban. Maybe she was mentally attuning herself to meet someone, who knows? She said that she had already planned that when she met that someone, even if it meant moving away from New York, she was ready. She even had it at the back of her mind to move back to Oregon, for, as she puts it – she loves living a ways away. In fact, the reason she put so much passion in her career was simply not to have a reason live in Los Angeles. This was why it was exhilarating for her that Keith urban lived in Tennessee. She had her mind in overdrive when he took her to Leiper’s fork, Nashville. She was already imagining herself settling there and having kids. She says she is happy things worked out nicely.

    Some of the events before the main wedding celebrations were:

    The bachelorettes party: This was hosted by Antonia, Nicole Kidman’s sister in June 21, 2006. Some of the guests present were Naomi Watts, Wendy day, friends and relatives of the couple.

    The bachelor party: Keith urban had a quite bachelor party at the bar of the hotel he was staying at the time – the Intercontinental.

    Ages as at the time of the wedding

    At the time of the wedding on the 25th of June 2006, Nicole Kidman had just clocked 39 and Keith Urban was a healthy 38. I wonder when they will be needing baby shower favors!

    Here they are together at the 2011 Oscar’s!

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    July 23rd, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    How they came in contact

    Michael met Catherine in France during the 1998 Deauville Film Festival when they were introduced by Danny DeVito. But following this meeting they never had the opportunity to date each other until after some few months. Even when they were dating they did not have so much time for themselves because of the busy nature of their schedule. Douglas however proposed to her eventually a year after meeting her which was on the eve of New Year.

    Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas whose full names are Michael Douglas was born in September 24, 1944 in New Jersey. Michael has a child from a previous marriage with Diandra Luker and two children from his current marriage to Catherine. All together he has three children and his marriage to Diandra is known to have lasted for 23 years before they decided on parting ways. Michael is an accomplished actor, producer, and director and in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of cinematography he was made a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in September 25 1969 in Swansea, Wales, and UK. She shares the same birth date with her husband but she is about 25 years younger than he is. Catherine is an actress by profession and since not much has being reported about her she assumes the role of being disciplined.

    Wedding Ceremony

    The wedding which was initially planned for Wales had to be conducted at the new Plaza Hotel in New York on 18 November, 2000 because Michael wanted his father to attend his wedding ceremony and don’t forget the edible wedding favors. In as much as there were a lot of funds invested into the wedding ceremony it did not take more than 20minutes for the officiating minister who was the chief judge of New York to conclude the ceremony. The event was a big one because it catered for about 350 in addition to family members. Quite a number of celebrities attended the occasion such as Goldie Hawn, Jack Nicholson, and Meg Ryan. To add elegancy to the occasion there was a display of about 20, 000 rose flowers, a six feet cake was baked for the occasion, and a 40 man Welsh choir were on hand to perform for the guests. It was rumoured that they had their honeymoon after the wedding aboard a yacht in the Bahamas while others report that they actually spent their honeymoon at home in Colorado.

    How far can this last?

    Michael and Catherine are currently blessed with two lovely kids of there own and are living harmoniously. Although issues might arise but it is thought that Michael is much more experienced and have succeeded in managing a previous relationship for so long that he can handle present challenges. The couple are quite comfortable as they have a number of properties spread around Europe and the Caribbean which they could always fall back on for relaxation to quell frail nerves if the need arises. Time will however tell if this relationship would crash like other celeb marriages but this is doubtful considering that Michael despite his age has the physical and mental strength to carry on.

    And oh by the way, I know this song has absolutely nothing to do with weddings, well maybe just a little, but have you all heard Just Can’t Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas – i’m obsessed with it, check it out:

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    July 22nd, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    How Melanie and Antonio met

    Antonio and Melanie both met as professional colleagues in 1995 during the shooting of a film they both took part in called “Two Much”. It was reported during an interview with her that she claimed that she fell in love with Antonio at first sight. But an insight into the events leading to his relationship shows that at this point in time Antonio was having issues with his wife then Ana Leza and he found a release in getting involved with Melanie. So it was quite easy for him after letting go of Ana to contract another marriage with Melanie because the affection had actually being building up to that point.


    Melanie Griffith is an actor and model who was born in New York City on August 9, 1957. Melanie had three previous marriages two of which was to the Don Johnson as she had initially divorced him and remarried him again only to finally divorce him for Steven Bauer another professional colleague whom she met while on the set. From her antecedents it is no surprise that Melanie fell for Antonio considering the fact that she had always being swept off her feet by professional colleagues who look attractive. This explains why she possibly fell in love with Antonio at first site.


    Antonio Banderas whose full names are Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas is an actor, director, producer, and entrepreneur who was born in Malaga, Spain in August 10, 1960. Prior to his marriage to Melanie, Antonio is known to have been married before to Ana Leza while he was in Madrid, Spain but divorced her in 1996 to marry Griffith almost immediately after. The reason for this action may not be unconnected with the fact that he met Melanie when he was still married to his previous wife, Ana and so this new relationship took its toll on his marriage.

    Antonio weds Melanie

    Not much could be gathered about the events surrounding the marriage as the couple were said to have dashed off to London for the ceremony. However, going by a newspaper report of their marriage a year after they met because there was no official coverage of the event, it was said that their wedding was done in a simple ceremony at a Westminster register office in London.

    From grace to grass

    Information about the poor state of their marriage came to the fore when it was rumoured that his wife was undergoing rehabilitation. In order to quell this, Anthonio came up with statements in the media denying any such problems in his marriage and that he was proud of his wife. In the real sense of things, Antonio was actually fed up with his wife’s addiction to cosmetic surgery and was quoted as saying at some point in time that it was a threat to their marriage. Although they must have struggled to make things work for their family it was evident that they couldn’t pull through as celebs that had the whole world looking out for their down fall.


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    July 20th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    It’s no longer secret that two of Hollywood favorite celebs Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker married in 1997, in a secret wedding away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and close to the wedding favors. Since then, they have stayed together, producing three beautiful kids and working hard at their careers.  Get more information on their romantic history, how they met, how they got married and others:

    What does Sarah Jessica Parker think about Matthew Broderick?

    Sarah has been cited a lot of times as saying that Matthew is the funniest person she has ever met in her whole life.  This Sex and the City Star admits that, even years after the marriage, she is still crazy about Matthew Broderick. Matthew Broderick was born on the 21st of March 1962 in New York City. Sarah first met Matthew Broderick when her brother introduced her to him at the movies. That day, Matthew was the one directing two of Sarah’s brother’s in a small play. By the year 1992, they had already begun dating.

    Three months after that, Matthew surprised her by proposing to her. Sarah says she still remembers that day like it was yesterday. He just kept staring at her while she talked, and she quickly felt like she was on Oprah or something. In a very short while, they became tight partners.

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    This Ohio – born star is famous for a lot of movies. However, Sex and the City is a name she has become affiliated with, where she wowed audiences across the world with her stunning performance. She was born on the 25th of March, 1965.

    Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker get married

    On the 19th of May, 1997, this couple got married. The venue for this auspicious event was a former synagogue in the heart of New York City. The wedding was headed by Janet Broderick Kraft, a reverend sister who is also Matthew’s bold sister. The songs were supplied by peter Duchin and who knows who supplied the edible wedding favors?

    Sarah’s wedding dress was simple and elegant at the same time. It was a black dress affair. It also had a dark green crinoline underneath it. This dress was made at Morgane Le Fay. Generally, about 140 of the guests had not idea that they were attending a wedding – they mostly thought they were attending an ordinary party. A piece of cake was distributed to the guests, with a note attached – ‘put this under your pillow and dream of your true love’. How quaint and romantic.

    Sarah had the wedding just the way she liked it. She wanted it without artificial light, so the wedding was illuminated with candelabras which give the building an air of surreal beauty. The food was marvelous too, a gourmet of parmesan with syrup, oysters, Tandoori chicken… It was designed as a buffet.

    Matthew also to what he wanted: A perfect wedding without the unwanted publicity.

    The happily ever after

    The happy couple currently has three children to their name: James Willkie Broderick, born in 2002; Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick, born in 2009 – through a surrogate mother; Tabitha Hodge Broderick, born in 2009 and also through a surrogate mother.

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    July 19th, 2011Celebrity Weddings

    Most of Hollywood’s marriages often end very poorly indeed, and this is why this is a happy note – the wedding of Kelly Preston and John Travolta. Their wedding has been called one of Hollywood’s best. They have had their ups and their downs, but they are still together, kicking and sticking together happily.

    Know the woman: Kelly Preston

    Her full name is Kelly Kamalelehua Palzis. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was never very active and a little bit of a shy person among her peers. Kelly was never expected by those close to her growing up to become such a huge success in front of the camera as she was regard as a timid young woman in her high school days.

    Know the man: John Travolta

    John was born in Englewood, New Jersey on February 18, 1954. He is regarded as one of the smash hits in the Big Screen for his role in countless buck busters. He is a crowd puller any where he goes to and has featured as a lead actor in some mage hit movies. He is one guy you can always bet your money on to give 100% in any role he plays. John Joseph Travolta is probably the only reason some folks watch action movies as he is regarded as an action brand.

    The marriage story:

    They first met in the year 1987, where the movie “The Experts” was being shot in Toronto at the time. However, at that time, they were both in a relationship, so they just stayed friends.

    Kelly says that at the friendship stage, they never crossed the line. Of course, they starred in movies that had kissing scenes, but they just left it in the acting phase. Of course, she admits, they were always attracted to one another, but neither of them was willing to jeopardize the relationships they had.

    John’s side of the story: when he first met Kelly Preston, the one thing that struck his was that she was happily married. He wished he could get married to someone happy. However, as they went on in the movie shooting, he discovered that she had some problems in her relationship. So he offered some advice, which made her feel a lot better.  He admits that they were both attracted to one another. But they knew how wrong it was to have something when Kelly was still in a relationship.

    John said that what really attracted him to Kelly was that fact that even though things weren’t that straight in her relationship, she was willing to stick it out and make things work. He admired her character and prayer to God that if ever they were single at the same time, he would go for her.

    Fate definitely dealt one in their favor, when they were reunited in 1990, In Vancouver, Canada, at the time, she was out of her marriage, and she was willing to date john Travolta three years later.

    In the presence of a couple of friends and family, John proposed to Kelly with a 7.5 carat yellow diamond ring. It happened at the stroke of the clock signifying midnight. The day was New Year’s Eve at a party that was held at The Palace Hotel in Switzerland.

    They found the wedding plans came with too many details to handle, i.e. edible wedding favors, so they whisked off to Paris. In 1991, September 12, they got married in Hotel De Crillon.

    Story so far:

    John and Kelly now have three kids:

    Jett Travolta: He was born in 1992. He died, however from a seizure disorder in the Bahamas in 2009.

    Ella Bleu and Benjamin Travolta were both born in 2000 and 2010 respectively.

    Here’s a sweet video honoring John Travolta’s & Kelly Preston’s deceased son Jett with a collection of pictures of their life afterwards.

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